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Rules of Conduct


1.1 You are the person responsible for the account you own. It is your duty to maintain security by not sharing “Login” and/or password information with third parties. In this sense, all activities operated on your account are your responsibility only.

1.2 If you suspect that the security of your information has been compromised for any reason, you must notify Smile One immediately through our customer service.

1.3 You must follow these rules of conduct and always respect other users of Smile One.


2.1 Smile One's services cannot be used to promote activities such as spam, electronic waste, chains, pyramids or any repeated and unsolicited messages by users. The use of the website to collect information from other users is prohibited.

2.2 It is forbidden to organize, carry out or simply support attacks against a Smile One server. No user can be restricted from accessing our website.

2.3 It is forbidden to create a false identity to benefit at the expense of other users or Smile One.


3.1 Attempting to defraud Smile One's payment system is prohibited. If any fraud is found that makes it impossible to pay for the top up of a game or any other product, the top up will be canceled.

3.2 If the user does not pay the recharge, the purchase will be canceled and the credits will not be deposited in the user's account.


4.1 Misconduct, fraud or misuse of the account may result in punishment for the user. Your top-up or product may be canceled and your account may be blocked.


8.3 You are aware that you must follow local laws regarding the use of information systems.

5.2 The sending or disclosure of files containing images, software or any other material protected by intellectual property, copyright, trademark, image right and privacy rights is prohibited. The exception is that you are the holder of these rights or have been granted permission to do so.


6.1 The use of any parallel program that interferes with the performance of Smile One services or any related product is prohibited.

6.2 It is forbidden to use any parallel program that changes the platform's original functions, regardless of whether it is for the benefit of users.

6.3 Interference with data transmission from Smile One servers is prohibited.

6.4 It is forbidden to use Smile One's services to send malicious files to internet sites or to any platform user.

6.5 You will fully respect the rules regarding the use of the products of the recharges made in the games.


7.1 The purchase of Smile One products and top-ups for the account of the holder is made in a personal and non-transferable way. Smile One is not responsible for irregular, unauthorized and shared use by third parties of the account.

7.2 The purchase of Smile One products or recharges for the purpose of sending to third parties is the user's responsibility.

7.3 Smile One cannot be held responsible for any product or recharge marketed by people outside of our official store.


8.1 The use / abuse of any error found on our platform is prohibited. When you find an error, please let us know via our Livechat support channel or via our customer service email.

8.2 Your account information may not be shared with third parties, you are solely responsible for your protection and for any activity performed on the account.

8.3 You are aware that you must follow local laws regarding the use of information systems.