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  • Is Smile.One reliable?

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    Smile One has partnership with the developers of the games and products offered in the store. All products are authorized to be sold by its developers. Often our partners are posting on their social media about our store. 

  • I need my payment receipt.

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    If you need to inform the developer about the order information, you can check in your Smile.One account. Log in to your account and open the history tab to view all the orders you have placed. You can also check the email you received after the purchase, which contains all the information you need. Smile.One does not provide receipts based solely on UID and is not responsible for third-party purchases.

  • What is the delivery time for the order?

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    Depending on the payment channel, there will be different timeframes.

  • What is the use of Smilecoin?

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    Smile Coin serves as a digital wallet where players can top up with the desired amount of coins to easily and quickly purchase any product in the store. In fact, one of the advantages of Smile Coin is the speed of product delivery, as the payment is approved instantly.

    Another advantage is that users can use it for any product in the store. If you wish to participate in a promotional event for a product in the store and do not want to take any risks in terms of payment conditions, you can use Smile Coins for immediate approval of the purchase, ensuring your participation in the event/promotion.

  • I entered the wrong account ID when purchasing the product. What should I do?

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    As we mentioned in the previous topic, we cannot make any changes to the purchase. In this case, you need to contact the developer to see if the ID can be changed.

  • I want to cancel the order or get a refund. What can I do?

    Show more is responsible for receiving payments and notifying the store/application that the payment has been completed, so they can deliver the product you purchased.

    As we mentioned before, we are not responsible for the purchase or the product. Therefore, we don't have the authority to decide when to cancel or refund. In this case, you need to contact the developer of the product you purchased and reach out to their support directly.

  • My payment is pending. What can I do?

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    First, check the deadline for the payment method. If this deadline has passed, please contact our support team so they can help you resolve this issue.

  • My order is shown as paid in the store, but I have not received my product. What should I do?

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    At, we are responsible for notifying the store once the purchase has been approved so that your product can be delivered. If you haven't received your order, even if your purchase has been approved, please contact the game store directly to understand what might have happened during the order delivery process.

    Attention: Smile One cannot directly control the sending of diamonds to customer accounts in games/applications, which means only the developers can access that panel. Our job is to notify you that your purchase is valid.

    In very rare cases, the developers might also not send the items. If this happens, you need to contact the support team and inform us, so we can display the payment information and analyze the history to see if the product was sent correctly.

  • How are products purchased from Smile One delivered?

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    To understand this section, we must focus on how the entire process from purchase to receipt of the product operates.

    The cycle starts as follows:

    1. The customer pays for the product.

    2. You make the payment and send it to the bank's server (or application).

    3. The bank confirms to us that the payment has been received.

    4. informs the developer of your game/application that the order has been paid, and you receive your product.

  • Didn't find what you are looking for?

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    If you still have questions, contact our support via the following link:


    After submitting the ticket, wait for a response from support via email.

    Keep in mind that the customer service is available from Monday to Friday, during business hours.

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