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Privacy Policy

Smile One recognizes that your privacy is very important, so we take all possible measures to protect it. This policy applies to all services offered by Smile One, including this website. The purpose of this privacy policy is to make it clear to users what types of data are collected while browsing our platform and how that data is disclosed to third parties. By accessing and using the Smile One website you agree to the policy terms. If you do not agree with the terms, we kindly ask you not to use our services. If you are under 18, reading with a legal guardian is required to accept the terms.

1. Information Collected

1.1 Personal Information

By using our sites, conducting surveys and filling out registration forms, users agree to Smile One's collection and processing of “personal information”, which will be provided when recharging the chosen games or using customer support. Your personal information will only be collected through online forms in secure environments, letting you know when the collection is made.

1.2 Personally identifiable information

At times, you may be asked to provide personally identifiable information when using the services or when support is required to resolve any issues initiated by the user. As the name says, this is information that allows us to identify the user, so for us, your security is very important.

1.3 Non-personal information

By using Smile One's website and services, we may collect non-personal information. As the name says, it is data that does not identify the person and does not allow contact, such as age, sex, education, etc. Non-personal information may also include technical data, such as your IP address, type of browser used, websites that you visit immediately before and after visiting our pages, and other anonymous ones involving your use of our websites. Non-personal information may also include data that you provide to us through your use of our website.

1.4 Online Shopping

When topping up in our website, we collect some personal information. The secure environment of our website is indicated by the padlock on the browser. For example, when topping up, we require you to provide data such as your full name, social security number, e-mail, telephone number, among others. In addition, your purchase information is stored for us to use when providing support. Your financial information is not stored.

1.5 Cookies

As with many other sites, we use 'cookies' to improve the visiting experience of users on our sites. When you visit our website, a cookie is inserted in your browser to identify how often you return to our address. Some information collected is IP address, reference source, geographic location, among others. Your personal information is not collected by cookies. These cookies are used to personalize the content offered to users by our website. Most browsers have the function of notifying you when a cookie is being placed on your computer, giving you the option to allow or block it. If you have any questions about how to use cookies, check your browser's Help.

2. How We Use the Collected Information

2.1 Our Services and Sites

Your personal information is used to provide services that you request, to communicate with you and to make purchases. We use some of this information to understand the user profile that accesses our website and uses our services, such as geographic distribution, age group, etc. This information helps us to understand and plan better actions, promoting a better experience for users, as well as using this information to detect fraud or abuse.

2.2 Communications by e-mail

If you have any questions or need support, you can use our customer service email or Livechat support channel. We may use your personal information to answer questions or comments, and we may also save that information for future reference. However, we do not have a standard practice to send e-mails to our contacts, unless the user is asked for a particular service that requires the use of e-mail. It is possible that we will occasionally send messages regarding any promotion, news or e-mail communication, however, if you do not want to receive them, you will have the option to change your preferences.

2.3 Online Service

When making a purchase through our website in a secure environment, some information provided may be used to send notifications regarding the transaction, as well as updates or news about our services. In this case, we will provide you with the option to change your preferences and choose not to receive such communications. When you top up using our system, the user provides personal data. This data is used during the procedure only to process the specific order (including the Credit Card number). These stored personal data are: name, social security number, address, e-mail and telephone number. This information can be used by support to resolve any problems the user may encounter.

3. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Except as specifically stated in this Policy, we do not share your personal information with any third parties without your permission. At no time is the data transferred to agencies or companies for marketing or commercial purposes. We may disclose aggregate information, such as demographic data and our statistical analysis, to third parties to allow them to perform their technical, analytical, logistical or other functions / tasks on our behalf. Under no circumstances does this aggregate information include your personal information. Our websites may contain links to other websites. We have no control over the privacy practices or content of any of our partners (commercial or content), sponsors or other sites whose links we provide on our pages. You should check the applicable privacy policy on the third-party website after clicking on the link that takes you to them. In our communications, both on the websites and by email, it is possible to promote offers and messages from Smile One partners. At no time was your demographic information shared with partners. All control of audience selection and sending this type of communication is done by our team. Smile One is under no obligation to keep the personally identifiable information that a user makes available to other users private through the software provided by the company, in a context of chatting with one or more players or in other public activities. Your personal information is not disclosed to any third party without your prior authorization. At no time is your data provided to any company for commercial or marketing purposes. The only information that can be provided is non-personal information, such as demographic data and statistical analysis so that third parties can perform technical functions on our behalf. Your personal information will not be included under any circumstances. Smile One is under no obligation to keep the personally identifiable information that a user makes available to other users private through software made available by the company, in a context of chatting with one or more players or in other public activities.

3.1 Service Providers

Eventually it is possible for us to hire non-affiliated companies to help us provide you with some type of service. In that case, it may be necessary to share your personal information with them. We require these companies to use your data only for the provision of the specific service and we do not authorize them to use or store your information for any other purpose.

4. Security of Collected Information

The security of your personal information is very important to us. For that reason, all your transactions are done in a secure environment. Your financial data is not stored in our database. Even with all our security measures to protect your information, no data transmission over the internet is 100% secure. Smile One is committed to taking the necessary precautions to prevent information leakage, ensuring your safety. If you have any questions about the security on our website and how we protect your data, send us an email to our support via customer service or to our customer service on Livechat.

5. Corrections, updates and removal of personally identifiable information.

If your personally identifiable information stored by Smile One contains an error that you need to correct, need to update, add, or simply worry about and want it removed from our records, please contact our support. There is a possibility in refusing requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort, risk the privacy of others, that do not meet the requirements for confirmation of ownership (sending documents) or that are extremely impractical. Smile One reserves the right not to make any changes to personal information and / or proceed with any action, without the user proving ownership of the registration, presenting the documents requested. Smile One may provide personally identifiable information to comply with court orders or laws that require the disclosure of such information. In the event of a reorganization, sale or merger, we may transfer personally identifiable information to the relevant third parties with the user's consent, if required by law.

6. Accuracy of Information Collected

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy and cookies, about the use of your personal information, accuracy, or any other request for corrections to be made, send us a ticket to our Livechat. Please note that these corrections cannot change your ownership. After receiving the request, we will make changes so that the information contained in our database is corrected and updated. However, we reserve the right to keep in our files information about removals or changes made to the database. That way we can use the information to solve future problems.

7. Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time and will post any changes as they become effective. Please refer to this Policy regularly to be aware of changes. As soon as any changes are made, we will inform users through our information channels. It is advisable to check this policy regularly for possible updates.