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Double Big Cat Coins are not cumulative with other partners, in other words, if you topped up the same package in-game or in other stores and already received the double big cat coins, you will not receive more double big cat coins on Smile.One.

This page is available for SEA server's players



Note: For the First recharge bonus, only the base of BCC will be distributed (12,30,60,120,298,598).

(1) The first recharge bonus only takes effect on the first purchase of each account in each package and for each product that exists within the game.

(2) Premiums can be purchased up to 3 times per account and purchases are reset every 30 days at 5:00 (US CentralTime) after the last purchase. If you buy more than 3 Premiums, the excess Premiums will be converted and sent with the corresponding amount in Big Cat Coins.

First Recharge:

Top up 12 BCC to get 12 BCC

Top up 30 BCC to get 30 BCC

Top up 60 BCC to get 60 BCC

Top up 120 BCC to get 120 BCC

Top up 298 BCC to get 298 BCC

Top up 598 BCC to get 598 BCC

From the 2nd recharge

Top up 6 BCC to get 1 BCC

Top up 12 BCC to get 2 BCC

Top up 18 BCC to get 3 BCC

Top up 24 BCC to get 4 BCC

Top up 30 BCC to get 6 BCC;

Top up 60 BCC to get 12 BCC;

Top up 120 BCC to get 25 BCC

Top up 298 BCC to get 75 BCC

Top up 598 BCC to get 150 BCC

Top up 1196 BCC to get 300 BCC

Top up 2990 BCC to get 750 BCC

  • RM 4.50 RM 4.90

    6+1 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 8.80 RM 9.50

    12+2 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 12.70 RM 13.50

    18+3 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 17.50 RM 18.50

    24+4 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 22.30 RM 23.50

    30+6 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 43.00 RM 44.90

    60+12 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 87.20 RM 90.90

    120+25 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 219.20 RM 227.90

    298+75 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 439.00 RM 455.90

    598+150 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 850.00 RM 883.90

    1196+300 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 2,100.00 RM 2,184.90

    2990+770 Big Cat Coins

  • RM 37.20 RM 38.90






BOOST eWallet

Touch n Go eWallet


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Endless Adventure! A new way to play the main story accompanied with the largest visual upgrade in history! Witness the arrival of the new class [Occultist] from a whole new perspective and explore the cursed legend of the Royals - EP The Intrigue of Seven Royals]!

A conflict has been unveiled within the Kingdom of Rune, countless conspiracies and devious schemes waiting for the players to uncover. The new class [Occultist] has arrived, two souls within a single body, capable of traversing both the real world and the world of heart. The story of the Mystery Museum continues, a whole new instance [Lost Isle] waiting for the players to discover the treasure of the legendary pirates. There is also new Ancient Gear to be introduced into the game.

「Ragnarok Online」for many players, it is like a dream being built up by video games. Our development team has recreated the world of RO and taken it to the mobile phone platforms. For the graphics, it has delicate 3D models, with cute character figures, entirely new scenery and maps, and an overall very high-quality graphic design. It also has the old RO BGM, making it feel like we’ve traveled back in time. Taking photos, holding hands , the Ferris Wheel-all these in-game features give you true pleasure of the game, which brings you back to the “first love” feelings. 

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