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  • Rp 15,140.00

    100 TOKENS

  • Rp 36,540.00

    240 TOKENS

  • Rp 76,290.00

    500 TOKENS

  • Rp 152,746.00

    1200 TOKENS

  • Rp 305,645.00

    2500 TOKENS

  • Rp 764,150.00

    6500 TOKENS

  • Rp 1,528,445.00

    14000 TOKENS





Wallet - DANA


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I. Campaign Period: From 0:00:00, 1 September 2023 to 23:59:59 26 September 2023 (Local Time)

II. Terms and Conditions

1.      Eligible user: During the Campaign Period, for single transaction, each person who uses DANA (the “E-wallet”) to pay on PAGSMILE platform/app (the “Merchant”) for the first time at the check-out.

2.    Discount: each Eligible user can enjoy an instant 20% off discount of its payable transaction amount (but up to IDR 6,000) (the “Discount”). Each Qualified User can enjoy the Discount once during the Campaign Period. The limited quota is up to 50 eligible transactions per day. This Promotion is only available while the quota lasts and on first come first served basis.

3.      Whether the Discount applies will be reflected in the information shown in the payment page. Should there be any breach of the terms, fraudulent or abusive activities detected, the E-wallet together with the Merchant reserve the right to deny the qualification for the Discount, cancel the affected transaction, and/or claim back the applied discount amount from the user.

4.      Unless otherwise specified, the Discount shall not be used together with other benefits, discounts or promotion vouchers at the same time and shall not be transferred to others or exchanged for cash or for other benefits.

5.      All references herein are in the currency stated above and the foreign exchange rate will be provided by the relevant cooperation agencies (where applicable). The transaction spending and the actual discount applied will be subject to the final amount shown in the transaction record shown on the E-wallet receipt.

6.      In case of refund or return of the purchased items, only the amount actually paid in the currency stated above (excluding any applied discount) will be refunded and the discount enjoyed will not be made available again.

7.      The Discount shall be applied pursuant to and subject to the terms of the Merchant and the E-wallet. The E-wallet together with the Merchant reserve the right to suspend, cancel or change the Promotion and the terms without advance notice. In case of any dispute about these terms and conditions, the E-wallet together with the Merchant shall have the final discretion.

8.      In the event this Promotion is stopped by the government, or must be suspended due to server network attack and/or system failure, or any circumstances beyond the E-wallet’s control, such event shall be regarded as a force majeure event. The E-wallet and the relevant merchant cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or dispute therefrom.

9.      For any payment issues or queries, please contact your E-wallet Customer Service Line or open the E-wallet App and use the Help Center to raise a service ticket.

10.  The controlling language for these terms and conditions is English. If these terms and conditions are translated, the English version shall always prevail.

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Selamat datang di Heroes Evolved - game strategi dan aksi global gratis di mana kamu akan menjadi bagian dari tim beranggotakan 5 pemain yang bertujuan menghancurkan markas musuh! Ini adalah game MOBA yang benar-benar seru dengan lebih dari 100 jagoan unik yang dapat kamu pilih untuk bertempur melawan rival nyata dari seluruh dunia. Kamu bisa mengeluarkan seluruh kemampuan, kerja sama tim, kecerdasan dan strategi terbaikmu untuk bertahan dan sukses dalam game ini.

Heroes Evolved
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